A Done Deal: Philippe Coutinho to Join Arsenal in Days Time. Read His Transfer Report

Though Coutinho has not yet settled in at Nou Camp, reports reveal that he is about to make a return to Arsenal for the premier league. According to media reports in France, the transfer deal is ripe, and he could now be joining Arsenal. How would this transfer favor the gunners? What are the fans saying about this move? 
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Look: claims reveal that the Liverpool forward has been snatched for a season-long loan deal from Barca. But it is unfortunate that Arsenal boss gives a different take on the issue. He says that they have never done anything in a bid to sign Coutinho. However, he went ahead and affirmed that Coutinho is such a splendid player whom they haven't said his signing to Arsenal. 
Coutinho joined Barca in January 2018 in a deal that amounted to 130.5 million Euros. The contract he signed at the Camp Nou is expected to expire on June 2023. Nonetheless, he is currently aspiring for a move away from the club since he has lost favor in the eyes of manager Ernesto Valverde. 
Ernesto, however, refused to expose any more departures, especially in midfield this summer. In addition, he said that he could not tell if any sales or signings could be made in case something happens. Truly, clubs have bought the best players there is. A good example is Barcelona's Frankie de Jong, who is highly talented. This calls for Coutinho to compete alongside the likes of Arturo Vidal, Ousmane Dembele, and Ivan Rakitic.

Last Takeaway
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Lastly, you have seen that Coutinho's transfer deal is done according to France reports. Usually, a new player means new tactics, and more energy has been introduced to the club in context. However, there is a lot that is expected to be revealed officially by the concerned club dignitaries. But it is the hope for many that it is true Philippe is set to join the gunners under whatever terms they have agreed. Therefore, you should expect the best results that you have probably not witnessed in the past seasons. 

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