Chelsea Transfer News : Frank Lampard Reveals His Plan On How He Will Replace Eden Hazard

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard hopes to have players able to keep up with Eden Hazard's departure, but he believes it will be almost impossible to find a substitute for the striker. Lampard, who spent 13 years as a Chelsea player, signed a three-year contract at Stamford Bridge after Maurizio Sarri left for Juventus last month. The 41-year-old is back in a difficult moment for the club due to his current transfer ban and the recent loss to Real Madrid, but he remains optimistic about the situation. Although Lampard acknowledged that Chelsea had lost a "great" player in Hazard, he was confident that the youngsters on his team could become "big" players by themselves.

Asked about the impact of Hazard's move to Madrid at his inaugural press conference, Lampard responded: "From the outside, I was not here at the time, but Eden found it personally important ... I think the club and the fanatics respect him As a Chelsea fan and someone who played with him and saw him from a distance, he gave this club excellent solo moments in his tickets ... We appreciated he was here.

You lose a great player of course, but how to overcome it? You work in a team. "Look around at what you have and what we already have is a very strong team and young players at a really good age who have, not only the potential, some have already shown it in the first team, but they have the talent not to say that the Eden Hazard shoe stuffing is unique. Players can be great players in their own way. "Some of them are already great players and others can be improved." Part of my job now will be to take out and develop the great players. young players, we have here. "

Lampard worked with young men Mason Mount and Vicayo Tomori in Derby last season and directly saw talent at the Chelsea Academy. "They were fantastic for me last year, and both could be fundamental," said Lampard. "They came back with a very clean list, as they all did to show that they had the opportunity to be on the team before the start of the season.
"This is the same for Tammy Ibrahim who played against him in the final, the players who left on loan can return, and knowing what they show in the preseason will give them opportunities for our great team and not everyone will survive to develop some people." Whether it's with us or with the loan that worked well in different situations, this is the evaluation next month to see how we can save the team together. "

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